At Transmarine, it’s All Hands On Deck! It takes the dedicated work of every valued member of our far-reaching Transmarine family – from our trained boarding agents to our experienced managers – to fulfill our mission of keeping your fleet shipshape, safe, and on-schedule.

In this Employee Spotlight, get to know Joseph Lozano, a Vessels Manager out of our San Francisco, California, office. Read below to learn about Joseph!

How long have you worked at Transmarine? 11 months and counting!

What’s something you enjoy about your job at Transmarine? I love all aspects of my job, but getting to split time between the office and out on the vessels is a huge plus. I love being outside.

How would your Transmarine coworkers describe you? “Kind” and “helpful,” hopefully!

Tell us about an exciting or interesting project you worked on at Transmarine? The very first time I boarded a vessel, I had to climb to the top of the pilot’s ladder. Doing that on my first time boarding as an Agent was a thrill.

How long have you worked in the industry? Nearly a year now, as I joined Transmarine immediately after graduating from Cal Maritime.

What is your professional background before you started work at Transmarine? Before Transmarine, I worked as a sales associate at a shoe outlet and security guard. Believe it or not, I also worked with the Cal Maritime University mascots!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? In my free time, you can find me binge watching TV shows (I’m currently making my way through The Walking Dead) or playing online video games with my cousins. I also enjoy playing basketball and relaxing with my dog.