Transmarine Celebrates 2023 Growth, Sets Sights on Enhancing Customer Service and Embracing New Opportunities in 2024

Transmarine Navigation Corporation—a leading U.S. tramp ship agency with offices in a dozen port cities along the Gulf Coast, West Coast, and Hawaii—recently held its annual manager meeting.

The meeting, held January 16-17 in Seattle, Washington, featured programming that celebrated the company’s 2023 growth while also laying out expectations for 2024, which included finding ways to enhance customer service and embrace new opportunities and partnerships.

“This year’s leadership meeting was a resounding success,” said Transmarine Managing Director Leslie Clements. “It’s wonderful for us to come together to celebrate the progress we enjoyed in 2023, but more importantly, to set company goals so that we may refocus and move forward with unity and purpose into the new year.”

The meeting’s agenda covered a variety of company topics, including a discussion led by Ian Mantha (Director of Operations) on Situational Leadership, a presentation by Ivan Nikolic (Senior VP of Marketing & Business Development) on the current state of the industry market, and a team-building exercise led by Travis Sirmon (Director of Technology) that focused on the importance of strong communication and looking at the “big picture.”

Clements also led a presentation, in which she recognized Transmarine’s recent successes and outlined the company’s vision for 2024.

Other meeting highlights included an “Iron Chef”-style cooking competition, where the group was divided into two teams and tasked with preparing a beverage, two appetizers, and a dessert. The team of James Cauvier, Ivan Nikolic, Kevin Kinerney, Joe Hurst, Troy Cole, and Ian Mantha took home the culinary victory.

Founded in 1938, Transmarine is a leading U.S. tramp ship agency, headquartered in Long Beach, California, and with offices in a dozen port cities along the Gulf Coast, West Coast, and Hawaii. The most prestigious firms in the shipping industry trust Transmarine to manage their port call operations with safety and efficiency. How can we help manage your fleet, cargo, and crew while streamlining your in-port operations? Find out here.

Transmarine managers meeting