YMCA of Gray’s Harbor Continues to Serve Local Community

Transmarine Navigation Corporation – a leading U.S. tramp ship agency with offices in a dozen port cities along the Gulf Coast, West Coast, and Hawaii – recently made a donation to the YMCA of Gray’s Harbor as part of its Annual Campaign.

The donation will help YMCA of Grey’s Harbor’s efforts to reach their 2024 fundraising goal of $275,000.

“We’re proud to donate the Annual Campaign,” said Leslie Clements, Transmarine’s Managing Director. “The YMCA continues to be vital to members of the Gray’s Harbor community, and we’ll always look for ways to support them in any way we can.”

The Young men’s Christian Association is the largest not-for-profit community service organization in the United States. YMCAs are involved in 10,000 communities across the nation. YMCAs are working in 120 countries and serving over 30 million people. The YMCA is an organization that has influenced many lives since its formation. Many other service organizations such as Gideon’s International, Boy Scouts of America, and Campfire Girls have their roots at YMCAs. The YMCA organization has survived through world wars and depressions and continues to impact the lives of people all over the world.

The first YMCA in Grays Harbor in Hoquiam, Washington, formed in 1902. The Hoquiam and Aberdeen YMCAs operated independently until December 1998 when they decided to unite and become the YMCA of Grays Harbor. The unification of these two YMCAs allowed the construction of a new 57,000 square foot facility, which is a major improvement over the old facilities.

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collage of images from the YMCA